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Cosmic Justice & Balance: Embrace the Power of the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

Preparing for the Solar Eclipse on April 8th with Rare Black Frankincense

The next few weeks have both a lunar and a solar eclipse, making this spring 2024, a very powerful time for inner work and powerful activation. The Lunar eclipse is on March 24/25, 2024 and the Solar eclipse is on April 9, 2024.

The sky is alive with activity that affects our very souls. This upcoming Solar eclipse is an extremely rare total eclipse which provides the perfect opportunity to let go of what doesn’t serve you and to call upon

the activation of cosmic justice in our world. We also need and must ask for more balance in our daily lives. What we truly wish for and bring forward in our consciousness through dreams and prayers will create

healthy growth and expansion in our personal sphere.

On the morning before the solar eclipse, sense the life around you: the singing of birds, the flowers budding and flooding the air with delicious scents, and the sound of the land becoming alive again. It’s spring!

When the moon passes in front of the sun at the time of the solar eclipse, there will be a profound stillness and darkness. This time creates a cosmic portal that streams out our wishes, intentions, and

questions, deep into the cosmos and the starry heavens.

“The eclipse will begin around 10:08 a.m. April 8 and the maximum eclipse will occur around 11:20 a.m. in Arizona.”

There will be total quiet as the darkness embraces and absorbs the light. At this moment, when the sun and the moon face each other, magic is ignited. The perfect balance of a light and dark, mirroring each other, creates a portal for you to enter. This is a passage of great power capable of attuning us to the inherent destiny of the earth: to love and to unite with all of creation.

At dawn of the next day, you will feel your spirit renewed, rekindled and a kind benevolence surrounding you.  If you prepare the light and dark within, to come into balance with the stillness at this time, you can enter the place of creation—a place of pure receiving and creating for the journey ahead.

If where you live is not in direct alignment with this occurrence, you can still prepare for the energies that we are receiving. 

  • Prepare your altar with flowers and a white candle. Journal your thoughts and wishes on paper. Fold the paper and put it on the altar. Make a wish for the world, your family, and yourself.  

  • Anoint with Frankincense neglecta (Rare Black) from Kenya. This unusual essence is created when beetles (the dung scarab-beetle in Egyptian mythology represents the manifestation of the early morning sun, the renewal of the day, immortality and everlasting life) bore a hole in the bark, allowing the resin to flow without the need to tap the tree. The resin is black compared to a typical frankincense resin, which is golden. When distilled, it is a pale-yellow color. I believe this is a perfect essence for the eclipse. The perfection of the plant kingdom produces an essence of the pure balance of light and dark.  

  • Meditate on the shadow you wish to release and all the good you have in your reality. Then, find the center of your emotions, knowing that all is in perfection, and come to stillness with your breath. It is in this place of stillness that all manifestations occur. Stay there as long as you can. When you feel complete, burn your folded paper and allow the energy to dissipate into the ethers. Feel the peace and contentment in your heart, and go on with your day.

Join me on Sunday April 7 at 6pm PST for an anointing and meditation to prepare for the solar eclipse. If you are interested you can register here.

Please have a bottle of the rare black Frankincense for the anointing. Click here to purchase.

May this season bring you peace, joy and balance to your world.

From the great mystery within,


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