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Sacred Symbols

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Symbols are sacred tools that allow us to manifest and enhance the majesty and magic of our divine nature.

The use of symbols while anointing can empower a prayer or a wish that you desire to manifest. Anointing with symbols can represent any ideas or qualities you are activating. Symbols express meanings to invisible or intangible energies, representing the divine within. For example, I have found these three symbols help to focus my intentions.

Remember to always research your anointing symbol. Be intentional with your choices!

The Golden Infinity

The Golden Infinity sign brings a feeling of warmth radiance from the sun. It symbolizes eternity and everlasting love. The golden infinity sign brings forth the energy of love, beauty, and power to keep us manifesting our highest potential on life’s majestic journey. It is an expression of your infinite strength, largess, and wisdom.


The Ankh is an Egyptian symbol for life and resurrection. It is the key to the afterlife and contains magical properties. Spiritually, the Ankh is a high-dimensional symbol that transfers rays from the sun to our very souls. It helps us to enlighten and understand our true selves.

The Spiral

The Spiral is a sacred symbol representing the journey that unfolds our lives. It is ever-expanding outward and upwards in our conscious lives. It signifies that life has no beginning or end and that we are part of an immortal spirit that lives on and on.

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