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Featured Interviews

Here you can find a collection of interviews and media appearances where I've been featured as a guest. Dive into these videos to learn more about my work, insights, and journey. From discussions about my books and teachings to deeper explorations of my practices and philosophies, these interviews offer a unique glimpse into my world. Join me on this journey through the lens of various interviewers and hosts, and discover the rich tapestry of my experiences and perspectives.

Create real community:
Mellisa Bottali & Cynthia olivera

 I am involved in a big project that I feel you should really be a part of. It's an online event for the truth warriors / free thinkers / freedom lovers / visionaries that live outside the "norm," to CREATE REAL COMMUNITY with the uncommon allies who trust themselves, embody their autonomy, and harness the internal power to create - as we are the ones who start the revolution. 

Mellisa and I had a stimulating and profound conversation about the magic healing benefits of using essential oils and being connected to the Plant Kingdom. 

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