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Bring Cynthia’s 35 years of teaching, inspiring and facilitating to your event.

Cynthia escorts the listener on her esoteric approach and journey through the plant parts while employing ancient wisdom relating plant anatomy to human anatomy. From the seeds, roots, barks, resins, leaves, twigs, branches, flowering tops, flowers, citrus, seeds, berries, bean, cones, and all aspects of the great tree, the fruits of creation come forth. She helps the participants understand their connection to The Tree of Life and imparts the relationship to a strong ‘axis mundi’ for a conscious, spiritual life. This approach roots the audience in the interspatial earthly and spiritual kingdoms. These teaching weave a tapestry of the many gifts for anointing with sacred oils as an essential act of self-love that grounds, shapes, and gives tribute to our relationship with the kingdoms of Nature.

Call or text for prices at 928-300-7180

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