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My Journey

Cynthia, a medicine woman and sage, teaches people to use medicinal essences to help shift old paradigms and patterns for dynamic self-healing. As the director and founder of the Inner Landscape Work™, a movement/meditation process, she travels internationally to teach plant consciousness to the growing movement of medicinal aromatherapists, meditators, and sacred anointers. Her perspective evolved from her roots as the granddaughter of curanderos and a deep, esoteric connection to the Tree of Life, the sacred carrier of all earth wisdom of the Great Mother. She is the great matriarch of our planet and the source of the holy mysteries.

Her book, The Book of Anointing, gives insight into her journey and collects the important and ever-evolving compendium of earth wisdom that she works with every day. It helps others feel comfortable to develop a unique, experiential ‘well of knowledge based on her initial guidance, in fact, and form, and then, from their own inner work. Beginners and advanced individuals and practitioners are able to enjoy the different sections and the whole collective of her writings and reflections, as well as potent excerpts from several world-famous contributors.

Cynthia has a B.S. in Education from New York University and has taught at the prestigious Bank Street School for Children in NYC. She developed a movement process called The OMM (The Olivera Method of Movement) and taught teachers throughout New England and the Tri-state area.

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