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Sacred Anointing

The Anointing is a participatory ceremony. Anointing is perfect for a private session, or as an addition to any event that gets your participants in touch with the extreme beauty and power of pure oils in a fun and relaxing series of exercise that consists of self-anointing with personally selected oils of the season and/or the specific event. This can be for a family gathering, a preparation for a wedding, a birth, a confirmation or any special occasion that you wish to anoint your good intentions into. This can also be a zoom event that can help your participants come into resonance with you.

  1. You are provided with the essential oils and tools for anointing.

  2. A short talk on the chosen essence and why

  3. Meditation to contact the devas of the flowers, trees, roots and resins etc. to assist in informing your divine self of the intention, with the help of the plant kingdom

  4. Seeding your intentions into the Earth

  5. Collective Sharing

  6. Closing

*Longer versions are available

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