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God In The Bod Retreat

Are you ready to go on a spiritual journey to activate the God within?

Join 3 master teachers, the Trinity of Angels; John Odlum, Cynthia Olivera, and Siddiqa Salter; who bring a special alchemy to help you remember and experience God within.

This will be a weekend of magic, movement, and spiritual adventure in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. We will help you get out of your head and into your body, allowing you to embrace your truth, nurture your heart, and access your divine essence.

John Odlum, Cynthia Olivera and Siddiqa Salter have been long-time friends, aromatherapy colleagues, co-teachers and spiritual heart enthusiasts.

Separately they are master teachers with decades of experience between them.

When they come together they weave a very potent and magical alchemy that has the power to transform lives.

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June 27-30, 2024

True power and happiness comes from the ability to be settled within your own Heart Wisdom and you can’t do that unless you get out of your head and into your body temple. 

If you are craving a deep experience of beauty, heart chakra expansion, freedom and a sense of coming into your truth – than join The Trinity of Angels:  Siddiqa Salter, Cynthia Olivera and John Odlum, for an enchanted weekend of movement, magical creation, meaningful meditation, sacred anointings, nature connection, fire ceremony, and a recalibration into your passion and playful body sanctuary.

Menla Tibetan Retreat Center is a very special place hidden in the mountains outside of Phoenicia, NY – not too far from Woodstock.  The energy here is sublime and coupled with the deep restorative practices of the God in the Bod Retreat experience, you will re-align with your Self, your peace, your power and your radiance!

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The Retreat Experience Includes:

Movement and Dance Classes

Meditation and Breath Work Practices

Guided Transcendental Healing Journeys

Essential Oil Therapy and Anointing Rituals

Inner Landscape Healing Work

Nature Connection and Recalibration

Fire Ceremony

Clarifying and Creating Your Goals and Intentions

Experiences that Re-establish Connection to Your Own Inner Wisdom and Joy

EARLY BIRD PRICING:  Register by 3/30/24 and save $100!

Dance – Yoga – Breathwork – Movement – Meditation – Sacred Ceremony – Journaling – Deep Immersion into your Sacred Body Temple – and Lots of Essential Oil Yumminess!

Experience exquisite beauty, amazing connections, authentic off the beaten path excursions, and lots of Sacred Ceremony and Movement.

God In The Bod Healing
Retreat Details:

Thursday, June 27, 2024 7:00 PM -
Sunday, June 30, 2024 12:00 PM

Menla Retreat and Dewa Spa 375 Pantherkill Road Phoenicia, NY, 12464 United States (map)


Early Bird price—-$895 until March 30, 2024

$995 as of April 1, 2024.

100% Non-Refundable. These retreats take a lot of preparation and commitment from us on many levels and so we appreciate your commitment to this event to maintain the highest of integrity.

Included in this price:

All retreat classes, teachings, activities, essential oils, and access to Menla’s beautiful property.

If you are feeling called to this but have financial reasons for not attending, please reach out as we may be able to work something out.

Not Included in the tuition price:

  • airfare if applicable

  • Accommodations- Booked separately with Menla.

  • Food

There are 2 steps to registering for this retreat.

  1. Pay your retreat deposit or full tuition.

  2. John will give you a password. Use this password to book and pay for your accommodations either on the Menla website or call them directly (845) 688-6897 ext. 101

  3. Please book your accommodations right away as they are an upscale resort and tend to book up quickly!

  • There are several deluxe accommodations to choose from that we have saved, and 3 gourmet vegetarian meals daily, tea and coffee are included in the price of lodging, as well as access to all the grounds. The deluxe accommodations cost range would be from $927-$1,140 per person for the entire stay. All of the options we saved for you have private rooms/baths.

  • If you are sharing a bed with someone, the second person would pay only $123 per night. ($369 total)

  • If you would like to choose less expensive accommodations, you can call Menla directly to see what’s available. They have many other options with shared baths and even camping options. Those can range anywhere from $627-$1026 for entire stay per person for standard and economy housing that have shared bedrooms and shared bathrooms. Camping options would be around $350 for the entire stay. All options include the 3 meals daily.

  • If you choose to book accommodations off-site, there will be commuter fee from Menla, which will include 3 gourmet vegetarian meals daily that you can enjoy with the group. Call Menla directly to set this up. You will need your password for this arrangement as well.

  • If you would like to book a spa treatment, they will be paid directly to Menla and they would be happy to assist you when you call. Book ahead as they tend to fill up quickly!

Where is the Retreat

This sacred retreat will be held at Menla Retreat and Dewa Spa Wellness Center on a 330-acre nature reserve. Sitting at the head of a glacial valley, it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the Catskill Mountains in New York.

Seated atop the world’s most ancient meteor impact crater, this hidden valley is a pristine eco-system, an oasis of remarkable spiritual energy residing on land long held sacred to local Native Americans for its extraordinary energy. For centuries before us, and still today, Menla’s stunning land offers a perfect place for sacred ceremonies, spiritual growth, deep healing, contemplation, and prayer – a sacred site where seekers young and old come to bridge the worlds of humanity, nature, and the divine. The local Native American peoples, including the Esopus and Mahicans, regarded this valley and region, with its enormous first-growth hemlock trees, as especially sacred, a place of the spirits. They never settled here and only used the valley for ceremonial purposes.

We feel very blessed and grateful to be able to offer this retreat on this special land. The energy here is sublime and truly is a perfect container to complement the deep restorative practices of the God in the Bod retreat experience.

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Why Attend?

In this fast-paced world, we often find ourselves disconnected from our inner selves and the essence of life. This retreat is your opportunity to press pause, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, and delve deep into the realms of your soul. True power and happiness comes from your ability to be settled within your own heart wisdom. You can only do that by getting out of your head and into your body temple. Through a harmonious and alchemic blend of movement, sacred anointing, trance meditations, ritual magic, nature connection and more, you'll experience profound shifts as you remember the powerful creator that you have always been. This will empower and uplift you in ways you've never imagined.


Retreat Highlights


Dance your Dream- Inner Landscape Healing Work

Engage in liberating and expressive dance sessions that will help you tap into your inner desires and intentions.


Heart Centered Connection

Cultivate profound connections with like-minded individuals and create a supportive spiritual community.


Body and Soul Connection

Learn body dialogue techniques to help you activate more trust in your body and senses and learn easier access to the divine wisdom in all of your bodies.


Anointing Ritual Magic- Essential Oil Therapy

Participate in an enchanting anointing ritual to activate your senses and open yourself to new possibilities.


Breath-Work Meditations

Learn powerful breathing techniques to calm the mind, reduce stress, and access deeper levels of awareness.


Intentional Guided Trance Meditations

A safe container to explore your inner landscape in profound ways to access your still point and ground you deeply into your being.


Nature Connection and Recalibration

Allow the magic of the land to transform and reconnect you to your divine essence.

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