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Anointing with a highly focused intention, is a rite of passage to reset our entire being

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The juiciness of life is revealed in the feeling within our hearts. The answers lie within the soul and in the codes of Mother Earth’s sacred rituals. Living a life close to nature, adored, grateful, and anointed are the keys to The Practice of Sacred Anointing with Cynthia.

Only in the act of self-consecration can we reclaim our sovereign selves. Our true and unique purpose burns within the flame. We have a valuable contribution to make to this world. We need to be fully embodied, utilizing our sacred energies, unhindered by past conditioning, to ascend to our highest potential. Years of false programming have contracted our hearts and stagnated our connection to all Life. Perhaps its finally time to answer the question: How do we reclaim our sovereignty?

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Cynthia J Olivera

Master Aromatherapist

Cynthia J. Olivera is the Educational Director of Wisdom of the Earth Oils, an internationally known purveyor of pure, unadulterated essential oils. Her teaching, conducted internationally since 2005, includes training and certifying students in numerous private retreats and over Zoom. The desire to learn about the oils has inspired many people to embark on a path of conscious co-creation with the oils through understanding, engaging, and investing their consciousness in the process of Anointing.




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" Imagine yourself immersed in love, anointed by oils, chanting, forgiving, dancing, and doing a major soul dive at the same time.  This is what I experienced with Cynthia Olivera in her amazing Sacred Anointing Ceremony at her fabulous temple home in Cornville, AZ. 


I knew intuitively that I had to come to the Sedona area where I had previously lived for 12 years as I was retiring from my spiritual counseling practice of 40 years.  It was time to close this portal and I knew no one could do this better than Cynthia.  


The world is often a heavy place and we just cannot do it all. When we 'let go and let God' we also call in the Master healers.  We need someone who is gifted when we know it is time to shift gears and reset the soul.  This ceremony is so much more than anointing.  It is truly a rebirth experience. I am forever grateful for the experience and encourage anyone who is seeking a path to living a better life to experience Cynthia and her Sacred Anointing Ceremony.  "

Johanna Carroll

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